anandaconsulting is a development consulting firm providing organisations with operational Business Intelligence, project and programme Monitoring and Evaluation, Developmental Research, Data Management and Performance Management support.


We exist to integrate the confidential use of data science techniques in organisations of the Caribbean region. Our internal processes are standardized and rely heavily on the efficient use of technology. As an objective organisation, our unbiased reports provide our clients with powerful decision-guiding tools. We plan on maintaining leadership by continuously assessing our processes and researching new and supporting technologies potentially beneficial to us and our clients.


To become the leading provider of relevant services that support informed decision-making geared toward the development and improvement of efficiency and quality in organisations.

We aim to:
  • act as an external and independent verifying body for organisation, program and project performance measurement, leading to more accurate calculations of achievements.
  • provide client-organisations with support which facilitates the re-direction of investments in more precise areas of their organisation, increasing productivity over time.
  • act as a hub for credible research design and results.
  • cultivate a work climate made of highly motivated and independent thinkers by welcoming persons of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.
  • foster a working environment that supports our employees’ lives external to the workplace.




Creative Thinking

Employee Individuality & Contribution

Outstanding Work Ethic