How are St. Lucians Voting This General Election?

Will We Be Stuck in a Perpetual State of Choosing Between Red and Yellow for the Years to Come?

So for our March 2021 anandACensus, since it is an election year, I decided to investigate how Saint Lucians would be voting this election year and why. I usually promote our censuses on social media, however due to strict policies on who can run ads about elections, I was not able to. Granted, I should have promoted a bit more organically, but nonetheless, I ended up with 16 respondents. Though the proportion of their final selections may not mean anything statistically, I thought the answer of why and if knowing the principles of their party had anything to do with their decision, would give some good insight. So here we go…

First, some historical context…

According to the Saint Lucia Electoral Department’s website, the first general election was held in 1951. Since then, there have been 13 more general elections – 14 if you include the re-polling of 1987. Since 1951, Saint Lucia has seen seen the rise and fall (and everything in between) of 12 different political parties (drop a “🍾” in the comments if you remember the “Sou Tout Apwe Fete Fini (STAFF) Party” 🤦🏻‍♀️😅. 

All in all, Saint Lucians have been mainly deciding between two political parties for as long as I can remember – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the United Workers Party (UWP) – UWP currently holds power. So every election year it seems like there is a conversational tug-of-war between the supporters and members of these two parties. In the 2012 election year, I got yelled at on the street for randomly wearing a red shirt. That day I really understood how deep (and ignorantly) support is held for political parties. I say ignorant ‘cause that shirt was slightly orange! But whatever… on to the results.

As mentioned the results for how the respondents will vote are not statistically sound because I only got 16 responses – and it’s probably all from people I know. 😩

Most respondents were female, and fell in the 20 to 39 age-group.

But let’s look at the collective responses of the three groups of respondents. Those who would vote SLP (6), those who would vote UWP (4) and the collective group of “Others” who selected “Not Voting”, “Other (including write-in)”, “Undecided” or just “Other” for whatever reason.

SLP Voters

When asked “Are you aware of the basic principles and/or values of the party you selected…?” four responded “yes”, one “no” and another “it does not matter to me” (interesting). When asked to “list one of these principles/values…” respondents indicated “n/a”, “change for the better”, “prioritization of health”, “putting St Lucians first, bread freedom justice”. The respondent who indicated that “it does not matter to me” responded saying “I was directly affected by moves of current party [none] are better than the other but watching a party lie about a project to [the] general population to gather animosity not hope not love just to create chaos turned me off”.

UWP Voters

When asked “Are you aware of the basic principles and/or values of the party you selected…?” all responded “yes” (other possible responses: “no”, “not voting/undecided” and “it does not matter to me”). When asked to “list one of these principles/values…”, respondents indicated “change at the constituency level”, “progress and continuation of projects” and “improving education with more inclusion of new technologies”.

The SLP’s Facebook page (no website found) indicated nothing about their values and the UWP’s website did not reflect any of those listed by the respondents.

“Other” Voters

When asked why they were not voting or undecided, respondents indicated the general consensus was that both parties were similar in an unprogressive nature and it did not matter if they voted or not.

So what does all this mean? Will we be stuck in a perpetual state of choosing between red and yellow for the years to come? Is our only OTHER option not voting? 🤷🏻‍♀️I really do not know because more respondents could have given some more insights and possible grounds for further investigation… Maybe more luck next time. 

Leave your thoughts below. 🙂

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